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Sunday, 12 April, 2020  

Easter Sunday

Christ is Risen !


Living Hope - Easter Worship

 As we continue to find new ways of being together when physical distancing guidelines prevent our gatherings, you're invited to join us for "Living Hope," an online Easter worship experience.

On Sunday, April 12 we will be hosting two online gatherings to share in Easter celebration and worship together.

Gathering 1 --- 4 a.m. (CDT) Time zone calculator
Gathering 2 --- 2 p.m. (CDT) Time zone calculator

By having two gatherings we hope to increase participation around the world and allow people to join in at a reasonable time of their day. Pick the time that best fits your day and worship with us through music, prayers, reflections from members around the world, and a homily by President Steve Veazey.

To provide opportunities for interaction from home, we'll be broadcasting the worship on the church's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. Viewers will be invited to share in the comments on Facebook and Instagram or by using #CofChristEaster on Twitter at several points during the worship. The broadcast also will be available at www.CofChrist.org/live-webcast and the church's YouTube channel.


The Gospel accounts of Easter Sunday include two traditions: the empty tomb and the appearances of the Risen Christ. They are not always paired, nor are the memories consistent among the Gospels. Mark’s original ending, for instance, testifies only of the empty tomb. Matthew includes both traditions, for additional evidence that Jesus rose. The challenge for the preacher is to examine each account independently to see what truths it reveals, rather than allow differences between the accounts to sidetrack proclaiming the Risen Christ.

Matthew presents several unique features in his resurrection story. The women go to the tomb early on the first day of the week and witness the earthquake, the opening of the tomb, the guards’ reaction, and the angel. Matthew describes the angel’s appearance using images from Daniel 10:6. This is consistent with Matthew’s purpose in presenting Jesus as fulfilling Jewish prophecy. The angel states, “He has been raised from the dead.” God is the agent of resurrection. The angel also refers to Jesus’ own predictions of his death and resurrection (Matthew 16:21, 17:23, and 10:19). The angel’s message is packed with instruction. Don’t be afraid. Come see where he was. Go tell the disciples. Tell them to meet him in Galilee.

The testimony of the empty tomb is followed by a testimony of the Risen Christ. Jesus meets the women as they hurry away and greets them. They respond by approaching him, falling before him to clasp his feet, and worshiping him. People worship Jesus three times in the Gospel of Matthew. The Magi worship him when they find him as an infant (Matthew 2:2, 11). The women worship him when they first meet the Risen Christ (28:9). The disciples worship him on the mountain in Galilee (28:17). Matthew’s Jewish Christians were strongly influenced by their Jewish faith, in which worship was reserved for God alone. It might have been acceptable to hear that Gentile Magi worshiped the infant Jesus because they were not Jews. But to testify that the women and disciples worshiped the Risen Christ shows how far the Jewish Christians had traveled on the journey toward accepting Jesus as God.

Jesus repeats a part of the angel’s instructions: “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me” (v. 10). Meeting in Galilee completes the promise he made in Matthew 26:32 and foreshadows Jesus’ appearance and the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16–20. Verse 16 points out Jesus had named a mountain for the meeting. The instruction in verse 10 did not include this information but is understood as a summary of what Jesus said. Jesus’ ministry during his life was located in Galilee. Returning to that location for continued ministry and commissioning draws a circle of wholeness and completion around Jesus’ life and his risen presence.

The Resurrection stands at the center of Christian faith. The early followers were transformed, not by Jesus’ death, but by the affirmation that he lived. From that time onward, Christians worshiped a living God, not a dead one. Today, we continue to celebrate the mystery of new life and daily resurrection possible only with God.

MATTHEW 28:1-10,
JOHN 20:1-18

Members and friends,
The Webb Road Pastorate continues in communication with each other, with International Headquarters, and the Mission Center team in consideration of the COVD-19 pandemic.

Friday evening (20 March), the First Presidency updated their communication regarding worship and gathering recommending that our "hiatus" be extended through Friday, May 1, 2020. 

The Webb Road Pastorate continues to acknowledge the wisdom of this guidance, and Webb Road Services and Activities will therefore continue to be suspended, in accordance with this current, and on-going global event as it is affecting all of us.


Available Online Gatherings (Including Olathe and Bethel in MMC)




Steve Veazey Video:



This now affects our Sunday worship activities, including the Holy Week.

• The Final Four Celebration is cancelled.

  • • The Gem and Mineral Show activity has been
        cancelled for this year.
    • The Chihowa Work Day will be re-scheduled.
    •  Our Soup Supper will be re-scheduled.
    • The Mission Center Mission Learn Activity is
        being re-scheduled.
    • The Youth Cookie-Making activity will re-planned.

First Presidency Update
Ongoing Response to COVID-19 Virus
20 March 2020

The First Presidency is extending the recommended suspension of church gatherings around the world through at least Friday, 1 May 2020.   Church gatherings are worship services, meals, conferences, funerals, and other group activities.

The Presidency continues to monitor guidance from government and public health agencies around the globe related to the estimated spread and duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, if local government and public health guidance is more restrictive than the Presidency’s recommendation, follow local guidance.

As new information is available it will be
released and posted at www.CofChrist.org/covid-19 .

As a reminder, the Presidency bases its recommendation on the following principles:
1. The church’s response should emphasize preventative, rather than reactive, strategies to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading as quickly as many infection‐rate models indicate.

2. A primary prevention strategy is “social distancing.” The World Health Organization advises: “Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.” According to the USA Centers for Disease Control, social distancing involves “remaining out of congregant settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance” between people whenever possible. Social distancing is especially challenging for people in church settings.

3. The church’s response should emphasize “protecting the most vulnerable” (Doctrine and Covenants 164:6a) in our congregations, cities, towns, and villages. This includes our senior members and those already affected by other health challenges.

The First Presidency


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                Easter Worship



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Easter Brunch

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