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Sunday, 31 May, 2020  

No Services at Webb Road

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John 7: 37-39

The Christian celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit is known as Pentecost, an important part of Christian history and faith. It is the Spirit that strengthens the community to act in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22–23). In John, most of the talk of the coming of the Holy Spirit appears late in the Gospel as part of the farewell speeches (chapters 14–20). Jesus says he will send the Spirit after he has gone. But today’s passage shows Jesus making a strong declaration about what is to come.

John’s Gospel uses many symbols (light, dark, bread). Here, Jesus connects Spirit with water as a symbol. We are reminded of the coming of the Holy Spirit at Jesus’ baptism (John 1), turning water into wine (John 2), and the conversation with the Samaritan woman when he offers living water (John 4). At the end of John, when Jesus is on the cross and his side is pierced with a spear, water and blood flow, confirming symbolically that the promised Spirit will come after his death (19:34).

The reader might also remember water used symbolically in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). Water was often a symbol for God’s Spirit in the prophets, in the Psalms, and in wisdom literature (Psalm 78:15–16; Proverbs 18:4; Isaiah 43:19, 44:3, and 58:11).

The lectionary gospel passage begins with Jesus attending the Festival of Booths at the temple in Jerusalem. He has been under increasing criticism from the authorities. Four times in chapter 7 they have threatened to kill him. By the end of chapter 8, people try to stone him. He doesn’t back down. The Festival of Booths commemorated dedicating the temple by Solomon and the belief that God’s Spirit would pour out like a river from the temple. Jesus’ bold proclamation here suggests that he somehow fulfills that promise.

Jesus’ declaration might also remind the reader of Isaiah’s proclamation in the marketplace where he invites people to come and drink freely (Isaiah 55:2). Isaiah challenged people to question their priorities—why do people spend money and dedicate their labor to that which does not satisfy? Jesus’ invitation, then, suggests something similar. Jesus had already compared himself to manna for the people of Israel in the wilderness (John 6:48–51). Standing before the crowd at the temple, he recognizes that people are thirsty for the Spirit and that they’ve invested in that which does not satisfy spiritual thirst.

But Jesus isn’t just offering a cool drink of water, or even a satisfying spirit to make people feel better. Jesus says believers who come to him for this water will become channels for sharing that spiritual water with others. “Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water” (John 7:38b). The Holy Spirit isn’t a personal gift to have and to warm the believer’s heart. Instead, it is to be shared with others.

Jesus’ promise is that his disciples will follow him in mission, that believers will be filled with Jesus’ Spirit so they can live as he has lived, in mission, in the world, sharing Spirit with all those whom they serve in mission.

Central Ideas
1. God recognizes that people are spiritually thirsty, looking for something deeper or more perfectly significant.

2. God wants to pour out God’s Spirit on all people, to give people purpose and meaning.
Tragically, people are engaged in pursuits that are not spiritually fulfilling.

3. God’s Spirit is not just a personal gift to be kept. Instead the Spirit is to flow through disciples to the whole community.

4. Mission happens when disciples allow the Holy Spirit to flow through them. Disciples become like Jesus when His Spirit flows through them.

Update:  Members and friends,

Friday evening (21 May), the First Presidency updated their communication regarding worship and gathering recommending that our restraint from in-person worship continue.   World church representatives will share information with Mission Center Leaders regarding the return to worship in the coming week.  Mission Center leaders will then share with local pastors.  

Remaining Camps, Reunions and large activities are now cancelled through August.

The Webb Road Pastorate continues to acknowledge the wisdom of this guidance, and Webb Road Services and Activities will therefore continue to be suspended, in accordance with this current, and on-going global event as it is affecting all of us.


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