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Isaiah 35: 1-10

The language and content in the book of Isaiah change with the beginning of chapter 40. Many Bible scholars believe our present book of Isaiah is a combination of several ancient writings by different prophets. The original prophet Isaiah lived and prophesied during the Assyrian conquest of Judah and Israel. Many scholars identify a “Second Isaiah” (Deutero-Isaiah), who prophesied during the end of the Babylonian exile, around 539 BCE, long after the original prophet died. Chapters 34 and 35 declare hope and restoration in the face of oppression and conquest.

In God’s time, all creation will blossom like a luxuriant garden, as testimony to the majesty and power of God. The transformation extends to all who are weak, oppressed, and fearful. God will be with them in power, to save and comfort them. God will heal people who are blind, sick, lame, deaf, and speechless. Strength and confidence will return.

During this time of healing and wholeness, a clear and inviting road will point the way back home for all the exiles. The highway will be safe, holy, and easy to travel. Those who walk the Holy Way will sing with joy and will forget all sorrow in the worship of God. The exiles who longed to return to their land found this image memorable and comforting. They rejoiced to think they soon would be released from captivity to begin the journey home. They believed that once they returned home, Jerusalem would rise again, the garden would blossom, and the nation would be great.

Five hundred years later, the Gospel writers found in this passage a testimony of God’s concern and saving grace during times of oppression. During the Roman conquest, the people of Israel felt exiled within their land and waited for the promised Messiah. From antiquity, Isaiah spoke to them. All the Gospel writers pointed to John the Baptist as the one “crying in the wilderness,” who would prepare the “way of the Lord” for the coming Messiah. They used the familiar passages in Isaiah 35:1–10 and 40:3–5 to describe the Holy Way and the hope of the Messiah.

The joyous expectation of the coming Messiah shines through the weeks of Advent. Today, we look toward our celebration of the birth of Jesus. We prepare the wilderness around us to receive him. We hope for the day of healing and renewal, promised so long ago in the time of the Assyrians and Babylonians.

The time of moral and spiritual renewal is still the foundation of God’s vision for all creation. Despite conquest, oppression, injustice, sickness, and death, the people of God live with the knowledge that God cares for them. God is present with them—Emmanuel, God-with-us. There is a clear and inviting way for all those who are lost or exiled. Jesus said, “I am the way…” (John 14:6) and we are the followers of the way.

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