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LUKE 18: 1-8

Most parables have one central idea from which we draw our main theme and conclusion. However, the parable of the unjust judge and the widow has several themes.

Will you choose to contrast the differences between the unjust judge and a just God? In this theme we first see that God and God’s son, Jesus Christ, have compassionate hearts for the widow, orphan, and stranger. In contrast is a society represented by an unjust judge who finds dealing with the needs of the widow to be a nuisance to the court and to his role of authority as judge. However, to the surprise of all, even the judge at the end, whether because he simply wanted to stop the widow’s endless complaining or because it was the right action to take, decides in her favor.

Will you focus on the faith of the widow who shows that through persistent prayer a compassionate God and even an unjust judge will hear you? The scriptures tell us in many different ways that faith is the assurance of things hoped for and faith as small as a mustard seed will place you in the direct path of God’s compassionate love.

Widows in Jewish society in ancient times had no standing or power. The widow shows great courage and strong faith. She consistently shows up in the judge’s court to tell her story of unjust acts against her. She also shows great faith by persistently praying for God’s intervention. Surprisingly, in the end, her courage and faith are both rewarded. The judge rules in her favor.

Finally, your sermon focus could be on society’s and the church’s need to pay attention to those who are treated unjustly or those in need. In Jesus’ day widows, orphans, and those who were poor were the outcasts. Today who would you identify as outcast? Would it still be those who are poor? Would it be those not able to receive the healing care they need for whatever reasons? Would it be the unjust disparity between the wealthy and everyone else?

We know Jesus had a keen focus on those who were treated unjustly, those who were downtrodden, and those enmeshed in sin. What is the role of the church when it comes to addressing the needs of these people? Focusing on this theme in the parable will challenge us to be honest about our own congregation’s missional focus. For in the end, even the unjust judge ruled in the woman’s favor. God’s compassion in these circumstances is clear, unwavering, and always emanates from unconditional love.

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