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Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

















Mark 9: 30-37

The first three verses (Mark 9:30–32) of today’s text describe Jesus foretelling his crucifixion and resurrection for the second time. The reason Jesus needed to tell his closest followers again what he had already told them was because they didn’t get it the first time. In fact, when Jesus first told them of his destiny (Mark 8:31–33), Peter rebuked him. Such was the disciples’ lack of understanding. The second time was no different. The writer was specific: “They did not understand what he was saying and were afraid to ask him” (v. 32). This lack of understanding on the disciples’ part is a common theme in Mark. In fact, Jesus repeats this a third time in the next chapter (Mark 10:32–35), providing even more details about what will happen to him.

The second part of today’s text (vv. 33–37) describes Jesus teaching his disciples an important lesson. As they journeyed, the disciples argued among themselves about who was the greatest. This was clear indication they had not taken to heart Jesus’ model of humility and his teaching that to serve, one must put oneself last. Jesus, perceiving what was going on, asked the disciples what they were talking about. They declined to reply, presumably out of embarrassment. So Jesus sat down—a sign he was about to teach—called the 12 to him and repeated what he told them earlier: “Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all” (v. 35).

To make his point stronger, Jesus then took a child and told his disciples that welcoming a child is the same as welcoming him. Today, we might think such an action to be cute or interesting. However, in Jesus’ time, this was most unusual.

Children were seldom seen or heard. They spent their time with women and not men. There would have been no place for a child in important conversations between a rabbi (Jesus) and his followers. However, Jesus made a place for a child—not just as someone present as he talked with his disciples, but as an example of what was basic to discipleship. The child, least important among the people, was made the greatest by Jesus as he talked about humility and what is required of a true servant minister.

When Jesus told the disciples that to accept him was to accept the one who sent him (God) would not have been unusual or startling to them. They would have had at least some understanding that Jesus represented God.

We are here to follow the One who showed God’s grace and mercy to all people, even those considered the least important. A child should serve as a symbol of everyone people might consider today as having little worth. We continue to honor our heritage and traditions as we respond to God’s call to humbly serve all we meet on our life journeys. Community of Christ began as a movement that sought to make the reign of God a reality here and now. This continues to be our call and reason for being.


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Sept. 21-22:  Mission Field Priesthood Gathering  @ Independence


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Oct. 5-7  TWIST Weekend
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Oct. 12-14:  Fall Retreat
  @   Westminster Woods


Oct. 19-20:  Men's Retreat
  @  Chihowa


Oct. 27:  Midlands MC Conference  @ Mission Road
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Nov 3:  Annual Chili Cook Off  @ Webb Road



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