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John 6:35, 41-51

The Gospel of John often is described as a spiritual witness to Jesus as the Word of God made flesh. The author is unknown, although it traditionally is understood to be written under the authority of John, the disciple who Jesus loved. John’s Gospel reflects on the nature of God made real in Jesus Christ and on what that means for those who believe. It is helpful to note that this Gospel was written close to 100 years after Jesus’ ministry (CE 95–100).

By this time, followers of Jesus in and around Galilee had developed a religious identity separate from their historical Jewish roots. They did hold a common understanding of Jewish scripture and cultural identity. As John bears witness to Jesus as God incarnate (in the flesh), he often points to parts of Jewish scripture and story to show the divine nature of Jesus. In John, we find Jesus explaining his identity with “I am” sayings. Using the phrase “I am” is a way to point to his divine nature. “I am” is how God self-identified in Hebrew Scriptures. Believers with a Jewish background would hear “I am” and immediately understand that Jesus is identifying himself as part of God. In this passage, Jesus says “I am the bread of life.” Unlike the bread (manna) God sent previously to the people wandering in the wilderness, this gift from God provides the eternal blessing.

It is interesting that when they heard Jesus describe himself as the bread that came down from heaven, some people reacted negatively. In Hebrew Scriptures, the people in the wilderness had complained about the manna from heaven. By connecting these two events, the Gospel writer can contrast the gift of physical bread (manna in the wilderness) to the gift of spiritual bread (eternal life).

In John’s Gospel, the early Christians heard Jesus identify himself as God’s gift of eternal salvation. It was important for early believers to understand themselves as recipients of this gift. Believing that Jesus came from divine origins and that he is the word of God in the flesh
was essential to them for understanding God’s nature and God’s wish to be in loving relationship with humankind. This relationship was not limited to a select few. John writes that whoever eats this bread, whoever believes, has eternal life.

This passage closes with a brief reflection on the sacrificial nature of this gift. Bread was given as a sacrificial offering regularly. In temple life, the 12 loaves offered were referred to as holy bread or “showbread.” The bread on the altar was replaced with fresh bread; the stale bread was given to the temple priests. The sacrifice of the bread of life is Jesus, given not as payment for the debt of sin but as a gift for the world to know eternal life.

God offers the gift of Jesus Christ as an act of hospitality. To understand Jesus as the bread of life is more than believing Jesus’ divine origins. It is to live in ways that bring God’s divine presence into everyday actions. The bread of life is an invitation to anyone who hears to come and follow Jesus. Community of Christ stresses this invitation through the Mission Initiative of Invite People to Christ. When we share the invitation to Christ, we share in God’s act of hospitality.


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Sunday School,  9:45 AM


Worship Service, 10:45 AM


Pot Luck Dinner on 2nd  Sundays  (Next: Sept. 9th)


Men's Prayer Breakfast,  8:30 AM


Women's Bible Study  Group 
9:00 AM 2nd and 4rth Wks


Prayer & Testimony Service, 7:00 PM


 Coming Events:


  Aug. 15:  Back to School 


Aug. 26: Pastor & CFO
    Gathering @ Topeka


Sept. 8:  LDS Seeker Class,
    John Wight  @ Topeka


Sept. 9:  Webb Road Cong. Business Mtg. @ Webb Road


Sept. 21-22:  Mission Field Priesthood Gathering  @ Independence


Sept. 29:  Work Day  @ Webb Road


Oct. 12-14:  Fall Retreat @ Westminster Woods


Oct. 29:  Midlands MC Conference  @ Mission Road


Oct. 29:  Annual Chili Cook Off  @ Webb Road



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Sunday, Sept. 9th





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